12 Scientific Ways to Increase Productivity

12 scientific ways to increase productivity

We have got confused in many ways in our life, many times we take so much time to do something, that we are not able to bring any special effect. Everyone has the same amount of time in this world, yet some people achieve success very soon and some people get stuck in the same kind of problems for years and are unable to make progress. They are not able to create anything special in their life.

Lets understand from an example, Amit and Sumit are two people who get both jobs in marketing company on the same post in the same month. The qualification of both was similar. Both worked well.

It was a couple of years working in that marketing company.

Despite being on the same post, Amit got promoted from year to year, today Amit has reached a high post in the company and started taking a high packing salary in the company.

Now he has reached the position of team leader and the CEO of that company is very happy with his work. The company has grown a lot under his leadership.

That same Sumit remains on the same post even today. He has not been able to make much progress in his life and in his job and he is always complaining about his work. And in his mind, he is jealous of Amit too.

Let me know that despite the qualifications of both being similar, what are the differences that have happened between them so much during the work.

Amit and Sumit both had the same academic knowledge, but both of them changed in work experience.

The main reason for such a huge difference between Amit and Sumits work is productivity.

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Amit continued to work on his productivity during his work experience and made himself productive on a daily basis. But Sumits productivity declined over time, he did not work much on his productivity. As a result, his productivity continued to decrease.

Let us know the 12 productivity boosters technology today, which will double your productivity in a very short time.

1. Stay away from technology during the most important work.

There are many such people around us, who frequently check the mobile during the most important work, changing the status repeatedly. With whom they remain distracted the whole time, they are not able to do their most important work well.

So if you want to increase your own productivity, then it is most important that you turn off all your notifications for 60 minutes daily and first of all, which is the most important thing to be dealt with.

Doing this for just 60 minutes does not only increase productivity, we give 100% of our work and our results are also very good.

2. Work by making a 90-minute cycle.

It has been revealed in many scientific types of research that working by making a 90-minute cycle results in much better results.

You do any necessary work but after 90 minutes take a short break. After that, get back into work again.

Then work for 90 minutes continuously, then after that take a short break.

By working in this way, you can do the work in a much better way, and you can also increase your productivity.

3. Exercise regularly

Starting the day with exercise causes both body and mind to relax. The body remains active and energetic throughout the day. Mind also gets more focus and attention.

There are many other benefits of exercising. Of which increasing productivity is one.

So always start your day with a 30-minute exercise.

4. Do not check Whatsapp in the morning

The majority of people have made it a part of regular activities to check WhatsApp and change the status again and again in the morning. Such people open WhatsApp as soon as they wake up from sleep, they make a status of good morning. And on Whatsapp, they immediately reply to the messages.

While this is a very wrong routine. First of all, by doing this, we become mildly disturbed in the morning.

It also affects our work.

After waking up from most sleep, we should fix our bed and open the mobile after exercise, meditation, and journaling.

5. Listening to music

Distractions reduce our productivity but listening to music during work or before starting work increases our productivity.

Our work result is there, it also improves. Our work gives us better and better results. So you can listen to soft music to increase productivity.

Binaural beats can also be very beneficial.

You can keep good quality headphones with you. Whenever you are distracted you can hear binaural beats. Improves the overall quality of work.

6. Give yourself a short break

Working long hours makes us tired, both physically and mentally.

After that, the time comes when we take more time, and do very little work. We know that our productivity keeps decreasing.

So while working, it is very important that we take a short break, these short breaks are very beneficial. This increases your productivity. And our work also improves.

7. Do not answer the phone all the time.

Motivational speaker and bestselling book author Robin Sharma believes that why to keep answering everyone all the time. Everyone is not calling on need at all times, sometimes they call without talking, but we get distracted and distracted due to our response to them, due to which our productivity is very much Decreases.

8. Get up early in the morning.

A lot of books were written after waking up early in the morning, such as the miracle morning, the 5 am club

Author Hal Elrod of The miracle morning says that every time we just design our morning routine with full awareness, then we can only bring J CURVE in every aspect of our life, whether it is relationship, career, or production.

Therefore, your effort should be to get up daily before 5 pm and manage your daily routine.

9. Avoid gossip and stay away from time vampires

Many people leave work and start chatting, many students get busy on mobile after reading for a while, and get busy in chatting.

While social media described Robin Sharma as time vampires, Robin Sharma says that social media is time vampires, which swallows our time slowly.

Therefore one should avoid such time vampires.

10. Drink water as soon as you wake up in the morning

To boost productivity, it is not necessary that we always do some extra ordinal things.

Sometimes even doing small things increases productivity.

One of the things in it is, drink water from a large glass in the morning, this helps us to complete the lack of water throughout our night. What is most important for an entrepreneur is his energy, and water restores our energy

11. Avoid multi-tasking.

Many people believe that by doing many things at one time, our productivity gets boosted. And we can give our best with 100% multi-tasking. But this is not necessary.

Multi-tasking is an illusion, nothing like this happens.

With multi-tasking we are not able to do anyones job well, we cannot give our best to him.

Therefore, you should try to avoid multi-tasking at the most.

12. Be Funny.

You are going to do 9-5 jobs or you are college students.

Being funny improves your images, and your funny nature makes you very sociable. When you are funny, then you create positive vibes around you, which attracts people towards us. Friends are made.

And people of funny nature can handle the difficult situation easily and being funny from it also increases the productivity level.

The scientific method described above is. Whatever technique has been described, it is the technique of all work. She works a lot. Everything is proven. If you apply all those techniques to yourself, then you definitely become productive.

And overall you can grow in every area of ​​your life.