Did You Just Waste Your Time

In today’s fast life, we can’t waste our time for a single minute, but thanks to our laziness and other factors that waste our time several times a day. The people of the world have different psychology that reacts after wasting time. Some people pay no attention to wasting time, they just ignore it and enjoy the moment. They don’t worry about their future about their actions in life.

There are other types of people who take themselves very seriously in this matter and they believe that wasting time is very dangerous for someone’s life but still they do not control themselves as much as they can. As time goes on, their time is wasted. Frustration over various objects/things, sometimes even over people, become uncontrollable due to self-anger. Because they don’t like something but do it again and again and because of this habit they waste their day.

There is another category of people who waste their time but within the limits, they have control over themselves, if they have nothing to do for 1 hour they can give that time something unproductive and after 1 hour they return to their work cycle. Aside from these mindsets, there are many other psychologies related to people’s time management. In this blog, we will look at wasting time in a different way and we will learn that wasting time is not a problem. The problem is something else and we are taking simple solutions to it. Let’s move on to that.

Waste Your Time


Imagine you set aside an hour for some important work but you spent it. You haven’t completed that task, you haven’t used your one hour for a productive thing. The irony is that wasting time is not a definite problem for us, the real problem starts after you waste your time. When you take it as stress you waste your time and you get confused and you start to feel the burden of not completing your work and think about it again and again. You overturn it, causing you to waste your time even after that one hour. You have failed to keep your mind on the right track because at that moment you suffer a lack of objectivity in your life. As a result, you will waste your entire day, which can be saved even after wasting an hour.

This is a real-life scenario that happens to many people regardless of their occupation or their background. After wasting time, they become so frustrated that they waste more time trying to recover from it and sometimes start blaming things around them and show their anger at the objects or people around them. In a progressive society, we cannot afford to waste our time, because someone has said that you cannot recycle the time you have wasted. Now is the time to discuss the approach taken in such a situation.

Approach To Apply

I’m talking about a time calculation approach. Whenever you waste your time it can be an hour, half an hour, 15 minutes, or whatever. The moment you recognize that you have wasted your productive time. You need to start counting the rest of your day and remember your purpose of your work and try to focus more and more on it. Just make a free calculation in your mind that you have wasted so much time, but you still have a lot of time left in the day.

Now, you have to focus on your remaining work and try to finish the work as much as possible in the time you set. After doing this work, you will not regret wasting your time, instead, you will feel proud that you have given your time today for your purpose, for your work, for your dream. Apart from this, another advantage of it is that you have learned the technique to avoid wasting your time. You will be able to share it with others just to boost your self-motivation.

The Concluding Part

We often see in a society that when we have time to waste, we try to regain that time by speeding up the work after spending time. Sometimes we succeed and other times, we don’t deliver on time. Here, we only increase our speed of work which causes us to lose the quality of work, which we can achieve if we don’t spend time on time. This kind of thing is definitely seen in technical work. Therefore, we also request you not to rush with your work and do not compromise with the quality of work. You will be able to spend a little more time but at least you will feel happy that you are back on track even after wasting your time.