Gautam Buddha motivational stories

gautam buddha motivational stories

Everyone says that they try very hard. But why not get the result? He read the story of Gautam Buddhas motivational Stories.

It is a very old story that Gautama Buddha was passing through the village with his disciples. Gautam Buddha Ji suddenly feels thirsty, he said to one of his disciples, we are sitting under this tree. You go to the pond of the village, bring water from this pot to this pot

The disciple who had agreed to his guru and reached near the pond sees it. That the farmer who is near the lake is washing his oxen. The women who are doing the laundry of the village, together, the pond water was very dirty. The disciple did not understand how to get so much dirty water for Gurudev.

So the disciple waited for a while and did not understand anything, so he went back. Where Gautam Buddha Ji stopped and the disciple went to Gautam Buddha and said sorry, Gurudev I wanted to come with water but the water was so dirty that I could not bring it. Gautama Buddha did not say anything.

And Buddha Ji said that we rest for a while and you too relax. After half an hour, Buddhaji again told the disciple that you go and fill this pitcher with water from that pond and come very thirsty. The disciple reaches watches and the pond.

The soil of the pond had sat down. The water was clean and clear. The disciple filled water in the pitcher and came back to Gautama Buddha. said that I could not understand how this water became clear, Gurudev. And Buddha Ji said that I wanted to explain this thing to you, that the way in which the water of the pond was cleared in half an hour, the soil sat down, just like that you have a mind.

Sometimes we try a lot of hard work. And are engaged that just get the result, but at that time we do not pay attention that our mind is unbalanced, even if we put a lot of stress on it, we cant try properly in that problem, so give your brain some time and calm down, then, realize your full potential and get started in the work All you have to do is reach your destination.

Gautam Buddha Stories

Once upon a time, Gautam Buddha was sitting with his disciples. Then a person came into the vehicle who was very angry. And coming to Gautam Buddha, he started saying very good and bad, but the disciples of Gautam Buddha got very angry but Gautam Buddha was very quiet, the person left the vehicle, then the next day he came again and today he was even angrier and Gautam Buddha started to do more badly but even today Gautam Buddha was very calm and smiling but the disciples of Gautam Buddha got very angry.

The man shouted for a while then went away.

The next day that person came again and today he did so to the extent that he started giving the street to Gautam Buddha, the disciples of Gautam Buddha were very angry, but even today Gautam Buddha was very calm and kept on walking and smiling. This sequence continued for a few days. Then that person stopped coming. Then one of his disciples asked, Guruji if you wanted, you could have driven that person away on the very first day, but why did not you do it yourself?

Then Gautam Buddha humbly said if a person gives us a gift and if we feel like taking it, then what will that person do, Shinya said that that person will return with his gift.

Then Gautam Buddha said that I did the same, that person gave me a gift in the form of profanity. I made up my mind to take him, which means nobody gave any response to him, then the person returned with his abusive word.

Mahatma Buddha ki shiksha

This story gives us an understanding that if someone tells us a word and we refuse to take it, we do not react to it outside or react in the mind, then it happened that we refused to take his gift. done.

Laughing Buddha

Friends, these days you must have seen that Laughing Buddha has become a bit of a fashion nowadays. People give Laughing Buddha to this other and believe that it is a symbol of good luck, that by keeping it, there will be barrenness, happiness will come in life. Somebody told us that we started contemplating the same. But did it not actually happen, no, because we did not know in the true sense that Laughing is Buddha, why it is given, and how it brings happiness,

Laughing Buddha is a symbol that tells you to always be happy, if you see Laughing Buddha, give a smile or whoever comes to the house, then the people of The house he got is thus happy in them. Happiness will come, this is the right way to bring happiness to the house of Laughing Buddha.

So now we all ask ourselves that whoever comes into our house will get happiness from him. No one will be able to see why he has come.

Gautam Buddha Short Story

Angulimar Gautam Buddhas story of Angulimar is very famous.

Once, Gautam Buddha was passing through the forests of Kosala, then he heard that someone is so wicked in these forests, he cuts the fingers of the people and wears them by making a garland. He has pledged to wear 100 fingers. Gautam Buddha felt very sorry that this person is spoiling his life.

He used to keep carrying Angulimar Gautam Buddha came and shouted, Go back, I will wear your finger in my garland after dying you in the varna.

But Gautam Buddha had great compassion on him that how can he leave this work that it is the nature of saints that they have compassion in their hearts for the whole of life. People run away from me, they are coming to me even after they refuse me, they are not afraid of me when Gautam Buddha said to Angulimar that if you want me to die, then, first of all, one of my questions was planted with trees Lets break one of its stems, Angulimar brought a tree stem from the front, then Gautam Buddha said, now add this stem to the tree.

Angulimar said how could this happen, Gautam Buddha said try it will happen, Anugimar tried but did not connect to the tree. At that time, Gautam Buddha explained to him that you can break the stems from the tree, but you cannot add it, similarly you can kill men but they cannot live them.

Anuglimar read a lot of the impact of this promise and he stopped killing people. And Gautama became a disciple of Buddha.