Secrets of Motivation?

secrets of motivation

In todays modern era, a word has become very popular especially among the youth, and that most precious word is Motivation. Social media and YouTube have established many new definitions of motivation. Inspiration, In this part of todays race, no one has time to stop, because of this the business of the people has become business.

As a result, the opposite of Motivation was born of the word stress. According to the Economic Times, 89% of Indias population suffers from stress while the world average of people suffering from stress is 86%. This means that this mental disorder has taken a huge form in India and the most amazing thing is that 75% of the 89% of the population is not comfortable telling this to the doctors.

Depression due to stress and many types of mental disorders have originated because stress is a mental disorder, so there is only one main treatment of stress.

and how to get it?

Although the answer to this question is quite complicated because it has different dimensions for each person, yet we understand this by the example of a smartphone. All the functions and facilities are already available in the software of our mobile, but we are ignorant of all those features because we do not know which function is used? And this thing has been taken advantage of by the app developers, through programming, they made the features of the mobile users easy from complex to easy, making the work of smartphone users easier! For example, the camera function in your phone already resides in the software, but still, the smartphone users are not satisfied with it because they want to make their photos even more beautiful and attractive and for this, they use separate external apps (play store), with the help of which they make their photos attractive and attractive in the way they want. A normal person with knowledge of camera software can easily accomplish this task with the help of an external app.

The same applies to our lives as well, when we are going through troubles, we forget the powers within us and are ready to seek the help of external powers. These external powers work to awaken the powers present in us. Because we have fallen completely from negativity in our bad times, therefore we are not able to experience our powers and become dependent on external forces. But a person can emerge from difficult situations by awakening his enlightenment. All the powers and knowledge exist in us, only that knowledge needs to be awakened.

5 ways to Become Self-Motivated

1. Believe in yourself

A difficult time comes in every persons life when he becomes helpless in time, but the person who believes in himself even in difficult circumstances and moves forward without giving up joins the category of successful people. No person can beat a person who has unwavering faith in himself. In this context, the lines of Harivansh Rai Ji prove to be accurate.

2. Develop your skills

The person who wastes time. Therefore, time should always be well utilized. Enhance your skills according to the demands of time. Learn new things, learn new languages, study different types of books, and become proficient in whatever skill you are interested in. One should never stop learning in life. A person who reads books can experience hundreds of lives compared to a normal person. Therefore, knowledge alone can eliminate ignorance.

3. Know yourself

Most of us know others more than ourselves. We know what good or bad the other person has done because it is easy to judge others but we have never tried to know who we are? And what do we exist? What have we done, good or bad? No matter how busy you are in life, you must make time for your personal development so that you can experience your strengths and weaknesses.

4. Dont be afraid of failure

Success and failure are an integral part of life and both have different tastes. So dont be afraid to take risks in life. Risk does not mean that you risk your life here. Risk is a calculated risk that can change your life. The right decision, taken at the right time, can lead a person to success. Therefore, make failure the ladder of success and move forward. In this context, I will share the lines of Harivansh Rai Ji with you.

5. Avoid Negativity

Not everyone in the world wants to see us succeed. Some people will not appreciate you even due to jealousy, always stay away from such negative people. Negativity can hold you in any form, but no self-confident person aspires to be praised by an outsider because his belief in himself is so unshakeable that he does not see a difference in his praise or evil. Negativity is an uninvited guest who distracts the person from his or her goal. Always be in the company of positive people, read positive thoughts so that the creativity of the mind increases and no one can stop the person from becoming successful. Our soul power is the source of all inspiration.

Thank you to all my readers for reading the entire post, and hope that this post will help you in encouraging you.