They Posted a Selfie… This is what happened next

They Posted a Selfie

A good selfie never hurt anyone, right? Not exactly. In the case of the nine people on this list, one little selfie got them into a whole mess of trouble.

Maybe you’ve already seen this first one

Baseball Selfie


In the selfie seen around the world, Kayleigh Hill sprinted onto the baseball field during the 2013 College World Series to take a selfie. Unfortunately for her, most people ended up seeing the image of her being tackled by the stadium’s security guards rather than her actual selfie.

Wondering how she could have thought that was a good idea? The next selfie beats even Kayleigh’s.

Felt cute, might rob a store later?

Robbers Mask Selfie


Two teenage Swedish cousins snapped a quick selfie of themselves in a restaurant mirror before robbing a nearby store of $400.

They were found at their grandma’s home just 47 minutes later, so clearly didn’t make it very far.

This next selfie carries the same sentiment

iPad Thief


A Milan man managed to steal an iPad. The person he stole it from, however, was easily able to track the thief down after he took a selfie with the stolen iPad, which then uploaded to the iCloud the owner still had access to.

Hope that selfie turned out extra cute.

While we’re on the subject of robbing people or places…

Uzi Selfie


Meet Jules Bahler, who decided to take a mirror selfie with his gun before popping into a Michigan bank to rob it. Police were quickly able to connect the security footage with this selfie and arrest him.

Capuchon Selfie


It’s probably good practice to make sure you don’t leave any evidence at the scene of a crime you have committed. But that’s a hard lesson a few people on this list have learned.

Like Adam Howe, the Southern California man who robbed from a church. He was quickly arrested and brought to justice after police found his cell phone he’d left behind. The most recent image on that phone? A serious, carefully posed selfie of the perpetrator.

Kid on a Fence Selfie


In general, when you’re committing a crime, maybe taking a picture of yourself isn’t the best idea. It can get you and others in trouble…

When a teenager managed to sneak past a 1 World Trade Center security guard and clamber onto the railing, he celebrated with a few pictures that he posted online.

Those pictures immediately raised suspicion, as it was quickly clear that the teen wasn’t within the public-allowed bounds of the building. He was arrested not long after, and took the security guard down with him. The guard was fired for sleeping as the 16-year old sneak in.

Tatoo Guy Selfie


The next selfie-taker also didn’t see an issue with snapping their selfie at the scene, and in the midst of committing, a crime. Imagine what could happen when you mix that poor decision making with the technology skills of one of those annoying coworkers who can’t figure out how to not “reply all” to everything they receive.

Ashley Keast, of Rotherham, in Great Britain, was in the middle of robbing someone’s home. That’s bad enough, but then he figured- why not take a quick picture? Okay, add another strike. But wait, there’s more. He also decided to use the resident’s phone for the selfie. Then? He messaged that mid-crime selfie to a mass text of the homeowner’s contacts.

One of the members of the mass text called the police, and that’s how Keast ended up in jail.

Rihanna Selfie


This next selfie contains an A-list celebrity, an exotic location, and a super cute animal. Are you ready for this?

It may sound like a mad-lib, but while visiting Thailand, singer Rihanna took a selfie with a bug-eyed loris. The only problem: the cute, slow-moving loris is a highly protected species.

“Look who was talking dirty to me!” the caption read, and that’s exactly what local police did. They found the two individuals who had allowed the singer to take her selfie, and both were arrested on charges of possession of protected animals.

“Work, work, work, work, work, work” butttt maybe not with a protected species. Illegally. On camera.

This next guy called the cops himself after taking a selfie

Criminal Selfie 1

Criminal Selfie 2


Donald Pugh, known by his friends as “Chip” was a wanted criminal in Ohio after failing to appear in court. When the police posted Chip’s mugshot, asking the public to keep an eye out for him, Chip couldn’t let the bad photo stay public.

Horrified by the quality of his mugshot, Chip himself messaged the police, requesting that they instead use a selfie he’d taken of himself.

The police kindly obliged. Chip was able to extend his 15 seconds of fame by also becoming the first ever “idiot” interviewed live on the city’s “Idiot of the Day” radio segment aired on 104.9.


Criminal Selfie 2

So before you take your next selfie, maybe have a moment of silence for all those risky selfie-takers out there whose selfies landed them (or someone else) in jail.