Top 5 Tip to get Success in life

top 5 tip to get success in life

The biggest question today is how to succeed. We all want to be successful whether we are preparing for a board exam or any bank competition, or civil services, etc. But why only a few of us succeed.

Only 70% of people become their aim and the remaining 30% do not make aim that we have to do this in life. And 20% of these 70% people do not have their own clear aim.

for example - If someone says that our aim is to be successful, then he should be asked that in which field to be successful, he would have an answer.

So now 50% of the people whose aim is also clear, but according to an article published in Forbes magazine, only 8% of people achieve their goal and 42% fail. So friends, let us know why only 8% of people are successful. How to get success in life will definitely help you reach your goal

The secret of success in life (What to do to succeed)

1. Creating the Right Aim (Choose Right Aim)

Some of us make aim wrong as Manali tells that my interest was in painting but after seeing my best friend, I also took admission in Btech.

Friends, most people make their aim by looking at their friends Cousins.

For success, choosing the aim of your interest is the most important.

Till we do not choose the aim of interest, then we will earn money but we will not be able to enjoy our work. And we are not successful until we enjoy our work.

2. Work Towards Your Aim

We have also made Aim right, then to be successful it is necessary to work towards our aim as a friend of mine Vishal told that he wanted to go to the army but after completing Btech he joined IT company and Thought that along with the company, we will do the preparation. But this did not happen.

So friends, if you are serious about your aim, then do work related to your aim and always give priority to your aim. We all have a question in our minds that if we do not succeed. The answer is that you keep a backup plan but only related to your field.

3. Never Procrastinate

The main reason for failing is that we are not serious about our aim. Do not postpone the work, complete it at that time.

Special people whose aim is to become a blog preparation ya successful blogger. They need a lot of patience. It is important for them to make their target daily and fulfill it.

4. Dont listen to people (Do want you to want to do)

Most people in the world will discourage you, regardless of what people say, keep in mind your aim.

5. Selfless Service

Most people wonder why we waste our time for someone, but if you look at all the successful people, you will find that they all have one thing in common and that is that they are not selfish.

There is no shortcut to success.

Success formula

Hard work + success = success

How to get Success in Life - Lyndon B. Johnson designed 10 Success Mantra programs of success long before he became the President and by following that he achieved success in his life.

10 Success mantra

  1. Make a habit of remembering names. If you do not do this then the person in front will feel that you are not interested in him.

  2. Become a comfortable person, so that no one is under stress when you are with them, be a funny, experienced type of person

  3. Make a habit of keeping your mind cool so that difficult situations excite you or

Could not disturb

  1. Do not let the frontless people feel that you consider yourself omniscient

  2. Make a habit of being interested so that people want to be around you

  3. Remove stinging elements from your personality outside.

  4. Try to clear every misconception with true religious sentiment. Drain your complaints

  5. Practice liking people and after some time you will like them yourself.

  6. Never miss any opportunity to congratulate someone on achievement or success, nor lose any opportunity to express condolences in grief or disappointment.

  7. Give spiritual strength to people and they will start liking you.

These ten easy but highly influential like people rules were favored by Johnson by his voters, the Parliament. The introduction of these ten rules in life made it easier for Johnson to reach the top.

Read these rules once again and note that there is no talk of revenge here. It has not been eaten here that you should wait for the initiative of the front to clear the misunderstanding.

Great people are very humane, happy, be it in art, science, or politics. They have such art, people start liking them. With the help of these ten rules, we can also change our life, just need to consider how we apply these rules in our life.