What does success mean money or fame?

Succes is not a destination, it is a journey.

what does success mean money or fame

When we were young, our parents used to tell stories of successful people from childhood.

And the grandmother who used to tell us children often told stories of the wars of the old

Used to tell stories of battles won by kings,

She used to narrate mythological stories to us little children.

How the Gods defeated the Asuras in Dewasur Sangram,

Deities used to listen to stories of success very keenly.

And at the end of the story, the grandmother would explain and teach us, and say, Children, this life is also a battleground, here too we all fight with our troubles, compulsions, our good bad luck and succeed in this battle. It is our life to live, we should never give up fearing problems.

And at that time we did not understand these things so much, today when we come back to this stage of life and look back, then all the things of grandma are understood, this time where there is fierce competition in every field, to succeed there. The rate is, it seems less.

Yet, despite all this, everyone tells us to be successful, do some boils in our life, do something.

We, the people, teachers, and parents all around us are trying to convince them to be successful, to achieve success.

So it becomes important for us to come to this point and understand what is success.

Lets first try to understand what success is.

Success means different things to different people. Every person in the world has their own definition of success, each has its own definition,

We try to understand this success in different contexts.

Suppose there is a student, his goal is to get 95% in the exam, if he achieves his goal, then it is also called success.

There is a writer, he has published his book, if his book gets on the list of Best Selling, then he becomes successful in one place.

Similarly, if an actor becomes successful by making his films super hit, then an Entrepreneur can start his own start-up

With the help of a solution to a big problem, it becomes successful.

But one thing you must remember is what I said at the beginning

Success is not a destination, it is a journey.

It does not happen that once you have scored and scored a goal, you have succeeded,

Once you wrote books and that book came on the list of Best Selling and you became successful.

You became a superhit of a film and you became successful.

Success is not a destination, it is a journey, a halt, with which to walk and with which to move forward,

Once you are successful, it does not mean that you will continue to be successful every time.

We have many such examples that explain to us that dont stop, keep moving, keep moving forward. What you have got can be missed, you can lose what you have got.

Many times, a student succeeds in one exam and fails in the other exam. An author whose book came in the list of Best Selling and no one came to know when the other came and when.

We can see an example of Rahul Roy, people loved this bands first film Aashiqui, so much that it became a star overnight. But what happened later lost stardom, where is it today, what does anyone have any news about.

Looking at the many dimensions of success here, we can say that our life also keeps going up and down according to the circumstances.

Despite this up and down, reaching a good place in life and creating a separate identity for yourself better than the circumstances of the past and contributing something to this society with your work, and making an impact in peoples lives (simplify) can be called success. is.

We can add a person who is a happy and financial establishment in his personal life to the list of successful people. And we can say that he has achieved success.

Now the second question comes

Who are Successful People? Who else can be our role model?

Sandeep Maheshwari, who made imagesbazaar.com successful after many failures, is successful in her life. Today, Sandeep Maheshwari is not interested in any identity, that man has money too, and he has also gained popularity.

Today he has crores of followers on social media, he has around 15 million subscribers on YouTube, then he does not earn a single penny from his YouTube, today he inspires millions of youth of India through his Life-Changing Seminar, he Shows the right path, it is a role model. He has also achieved financial freedom and is happy in his personal life. He is called a successful person.

After living the life of a monk, he stepped into business and with the help of his training and coaching, reached the sky of the business of country traders badabusiness.com CEO and Founder Dr. Vivek Bindra is also successful in his life, he has also tasted success in his life.

Many times Rejection, after several times Failure, Founder of Alibaba.com Jack Ma is also successful and famous in his life. He is also named in the list of billionaires of the world.

Similarly, there are many other successful people, Bill Gates, Opera Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Mukesh Ambani have so many names that how many more posts can be written on it.

Not only here, in the field, in which field we look, there we get some success stories.

Be it the sports world, the cinema world, the field of writing. Everyone from Sachin Tendulkar to Lata Mangeshkar is successful in their field, and everyone has tasted success.

Now we come to the original question

What does success mean, money or fame?

Now that we are done, what is success? With all its dimensions, we have become familiar, and now we have come to this stage by walking through all the paths of success, every street, where we take forward the discussion on its final point.

Our human nature is such that we all want to be famous, and we all want to be popular, and the psychology of being popular is just enough for us to want more people to focus on us, and Want people to notice us, know.

And it is money, so much is said about money that Money is not everything, but is the only thing.

Money meets our needs, and provides security to our life, money helps us live a wonderful life, guides us.

Money and fame are not both the main focus, it is the outcome. We should achieve Mastery in our work.

Your goal should work for and create an impact. Then both money and fame come on their own. Therefore it is important that we follow our work, our passion, and achieve a place. You will get both fame and money.

If you are a blogger, then do your full work in blogging, be honest about your work, if people like your work, then traffic will increase, incoming will also increase, and popularity is also gained.

If you summarize all the things above, you can say that you do the work that you do honestly, after that you will get success, the money will also come and popularity will also come.

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